Finding Your Place in AI with Katherine Campbell

Episode 25 June 20, 2024 00:26:22
Finding Your Place in AI with Katherine Campbell
Lending Forward
Finding Your Place in AI with Katherine Campbell

Jun 20 2024 | 00:26:22


Show Notes

AI is quite the buzzword not only in the mortgage and housing industries, but everywhere.


This episode welcomes a pro on the topic, Katherine Campbell, to talk all about the way it's affecting the mortgage and real estate space.


It's a hot topic, and as the Chief Marketing Officer at Shape Software, Katherine knows her stuff. Be sure to check this one out!


Lending Forward is the home for real discussions about the industry we love. Hear first-hand accounts every week from the people at the heart of the business – Mortgage Bankers, Realtors, Financial Advisors, Coaches, and more – as they cultivate transparency around the future of lending.


So tell us, how are you lending it forward?

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