Failing Forward with Angela Pucella

Episode 11 December 21, 2023 00:27:51
Failing Forward with Angela Pucella
Lending Forward
Failing Forward with Angela Pucella

Dec 21 2023 | 00:27:51


Show Notes

Angela Pucella, Productivity Coach with Keller Williams, joins Eliza Delgado for a powerful conversation about Failing Forward that you don't want to miss! Tune in to hear how we should all get a little comfortable with failing because it isn't always a bad thing, in fact we learn the most and build the best relationships in these moments. Angela provides an interesting and thoughtful way to approach business in our industry.

Lending Forward is the home for real discussions about the industry we love. Hear first-hand accounts every week from the people at the heart of the business – Mortgage Bankers, Realtors, Financial Advisors, Coaches, and more – as they cultivate transparency around the future of lending.

So tell us, how are you lending it forward?

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