Financial Freedom Blueprint Pt. 1

Episode 8 January 13, 2022 00:18:22
Financial Freedom Blueprint Pt. 1
Lending Forward
Financial Freedom Blueprint Pt. 1

Jan 13 2022 | 00:18:22


Show Notes

If you listened to our recent episode “Inside Tina Caul’s Entrepreneurial Mind” I promised that we would be doing a multi-episode series with Tina about planning your future financial wealth and freedom. Today Tina is with us again for Part I of that series.

Tina Caul has been in the real estate business for 20 years, personally sold over 2000 homes, and ranks in the top 1% of realtors in the U.S. As Founder of Caul Group Residential Powered by eXp Realty (sometimes referred to as the “Amazon” of real estate,) she heads up the largest and fastest-growing residential real estate brokerage in North America. Located in Raleigh-Durham NC,  her team is ranked #1 in the state of NC and SC.

Tina's passion is helping agents "Think Bigger" by letting go of their limiting beliefs. Tina gave a 2019 TEDx talk, was featured on HGTV, and has won multiple top awards in her field.  Her specialty is coaching other realtors to increase income FAST, remove limiting beliefs, have ownership in your brokerage, and partner with top agents locally and nationally to create multiple streams of income.

Lending Forward is a weekly podcast hosted by Taylor Ellard and powered by Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group.  We bring you raw stories from real people in the mortgage industry. We're covering what's next in lending, forward-thinking, and reflecting on lessons learned from Mortgage Bankers, Realtors, Financial Advisors, Coaches, and more! How are you lending it forward?

Founded in 1996, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group® is a privately owned mortgage lender headquartered in Virginia Beach, Va. Atlantic Bay has been recognized as a Top 100 Mortgage Company in America, Best Mortgage Company, Most Enjoyable Place to Work, and an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company. 

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Book: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

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