Tapping Into Your Database with Dew Tinnin

September 22, 2022 00:18:35
Tapping Into Your Database with Dew Tinnin
Lending Forward
Tapping Into Your Database with Dew Tinnin

Sep 22 2022 | 00:18:35


Show Notes

Dew Tinnin has actually heard some mortgage bankers tell her, “I’ve never called my database”! Instead of feeling shame and guilt about this, plan out a schedule to start contacting them now, and start making yourself a valuable partner, or you may find that you won’t survive this latest shift in the market.

Dew is a returning guest to the show, and she is CEO and Head Coach at Skillway. In this episode, I talk to Dew about some great strategies, tips, and content you can use right now to reach out and provide value to clients and agents you’ve got in your database.  Dew shares what to say in her “service call” techniques (one tailored to past clients, and one for agents,) how to follow up after the call, and simple ways to get your contact info into the right hands for easy referrals.

Dew has been a full-time sales coach and consultant since 2011, delivering game-changing results for hundreds of clients. She has spent over 5,000 hours in one-on-one coaching sessions and now primarily works with CEOs, multi-million dollar producers, and the Skillway team of coaches. Dew also shares her expertise and positivity as a guest speaker at seminars and keynotes nationwide. In 2017, Dew founded Skillway with her husband, Shane Tinnin, to develop tailor-made coaching and consulting solutions for sales professionals and organizations seeking to build relationship-based businesses.

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