The Fair Housing Equalizer with Dr. Lee

Episode 13 March 24, 2022 00:22:10
The Fair Housing Equalizer with Dr. Lee
Lending Forward
The Fair Housing Equalizer with Dr. Lee

Mar 24 2022 | 00:22:10


Show Notes

Welcome to the first of what plan to be a series of discussions around fair housing with Dr. Lee Davenport.  “Dr. Lee” as she is known, is a top real estate educator and coach who has made it her mission to help real estate professionals learn the ropes of being in business “for yourself but not by yourself.”

Dr. Lee trains real estate pros and says that now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to show courage and commitment to fair housing as “Anti-Racist Real Estate Pros” at an individual level and to be change-makers in our firms, associations, and communities.

Join us as we talk about Dr. Lee’s background as an only child of entrepreneurial, real estate professional parents, her tips and tricks around using your own personality type and strengths to become successful in the industry, and her vision for a future where everyone can own a home and reap all the benefits that go along with homeownership, including building that elusive generational wealth for families and communities.

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