The Science Behind Influential Selling with Rene Rodriguez

Episode 12 March 01, 2022 00:16:08
The Science Behind Influential Selling with Rene Rodriguez
Lending Forward
The Science Behind Influential Selling with Rene Rodriguez

Mar 01 2022 | 00:16:08


Show Notes

Today we have a rather “heady” guest and topic– how our brains work and how to use them to tell stories and create rapport, and also how to overcome our brain’s hardwired functions that can hold us back.

For the last 20 years, René Rodriguez has researched and applied behavioral neuroscience to solve some of the toughest challenges in leadership, sales, and change. As an entrepreneur and CEO of multiple companies, Rene brings a practical business approach while inspiring his audiences to take action. He helps leaders create influence, transformation, and immediate results in their business and personal life.

Rene has been named to the 40 under 40 list for 7 years straight and has been a trusted adviser to leadership teams at Coca-Cola, 3M, Medtronic, Nestle’, Microsoft, Bank of America, and Cargill. He was featured on the Cover of the Niche Report Magazine and has authored the book, “Amplify Your Life” along with dozens of magazine articles.

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