Humble Branding

Episode 1 December 16, 2021 00:26:17
Humble Branding
Lending Forward
Humble Branding

Dec 16 2021 | 00:26:17


Show Notes

Today I’m speaking with “Coach” Kyle Draper, social media expert and host of the podcast “The Social Media Mindset.” In this episode, we will be discussing Kyle’s strategies that realtors and lenders can use to gain credibility and trust through the content they share on the most appropriate social media platform for their target clientele.

Kyle’s interesting path to coaching began as a youth pastor in Plano, Texas, and morphed into working in a multi-million dollar roofing business with his father.  His a-ha moment came one day while his shoes were melting on the blazing hot roof he was working on, and he realized that most realtors and lenders are not great with social media.  Kyle had a lot of knowledge about how to “do” social media to share with the realtors and lenders he crossed paths with in that family home improvement business.

Discussion Points:


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