Navigating through the Content Hustle with Phil Treadwell

December 16, 2022 00:26:03
Navigating through the Content Hustle with Phil Treadwell
Lending Forward
Navigating through the Content Hustle with Phil Treadwell

Dec 16 2022 | 00:26:03


Show Notes

Are you still confused about creating social media content for your business? You’ll want to listen to this episode.

Today my guest is Phil Treadwell, award-winning Certified Mortgage Advisor and 18-year mortgage industry veteran. He currently serves as the Market Leader for Your BREW Team at Thrive Mortgage.  He is also the Founder and Host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast where he interviews expert guests who share firsthand tips and advice on how to build a more effective and efficient business.

Phil was named one of the 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40 in 2019 by National Mortgage Professional Magazine, and he was also named one of their Most Connected Mortgage Professionals in 2021. Yahoo! Finance listed him of the Top 20 Mortgage Professionals in 2020. Phil has built sales teams & coached industry professionals in markets all over the country, and he currently resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area.

You’ll hear why marketing your business on social media is so important, some tips on how to create content that makes people want to stop scrolling and listen, and how to build relationships that are more than simply “transactional” in nature.

Lending Forward is a weekly podcast hosted by Taylor Ellard and powered by Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group.  We bring you raw stories from real people in the mortgage industry. We're covering what's next in lending, forward-thinking, and reflecting on lessons learned from Mortgage Bankers, Realtors, Financial Advisors, Coaches, and more! How are you lending it forward?

Founded in 1996, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group® is a privately owned mortgage lender headquartered in Virginia Beach, Va. Atlantic Bay has been recognized as a Top 100 Mortgage Company in America, Best Mortgage Company, Most Enjoyable Place to Work, and an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company.

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