Understanding Rates with Dan Habib

October 20, 2022 00:16:45
Understanding Rates with Dan Habib
Lending Forward
Understanding Rates with Dan Habib

Oct 20 2022 | 00:16:45


Show Notes

My returning guest today is Dan Habib, EVP of MBS Highway.  Dan gives us an insider look at interest rates, inflation trends, market charts and other data that shows us how far we’ve come in 2022 and what the beginning of 2023 may look like. Dan’s advice, if you’re currently renting and waiting to buy, is – don’t wait.  It’s a buyer’s market right now, and if you opt for lower up-front costs, you can always refi when rates begin to come down again.

MBS Highway provides daily market insight videos, real estate data, live market quotes, alerts to lock/float ahead of lender re-prices, loan comparison tools, cost of waiting analysis, debt consolidation tools, and much more. MBS Highway turns mortgage professionals into advisors that understand what is driving interest rates, are able to articulate the financial opportunity in housing, and are actual ‘debt managers.’ Surprisingly, most mortgage professionals are not able to do these things.

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