Unpacking the NAR Settlement with Liz Power

Episode 14 April 04, 2024 00:41:15
Unpacking the NAR Settlement with Liz Power
Lending Forward
Unpacking the NAR Settlement with Liz Power

Apr 04 2024 | 00:41:15


Show Notes

In mid-March 2024, The National Association of Realtors (NAR) agreed to pay over $400 million in damages brought on against the group. In this episode of Lending Forward, Liz Power - Real Estate Broker, Coach, and Trainer out of Huntsville, AL - joined us to talk all about the lawsuit and shed her expertise on the subject.

Liz has been following the NAR suit from the beginning, and her insights as a successful real estate agent are ones you won't want to miss.

Lending Forward is the home for real discussions about the industry we love. Hear first-hand accounts every week from the people at the heart of the business – Mortgage Bankers, Realtors, Financial Advisors, Coaches, and more – as they cultivate transparency around the future of lending.

So tell us, how are you lending it forward?

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