What Will Spring Buyers Look Like with Leigh Brown

February 09, 2023 00:25:01
What Will Spring Buyers Look Like with Leigh Brown
Lending Forward
What Will Spring Buyers Look Like with Leigh Brown

Feb 09 2023 | 00:25:01


Show Notes

Today's guest, Leigh Brown unpacks where this market is headed, what those Spring buyers might look like and how we can get in front of them!

As a CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) and international keynote speaker, Leigh Brown uses her decades of experience to help early-career and experienced real estate agents build their industry presence and confidence by helping them define and communicate their value prop expertly and become an impactful presence in their space in the process. She knows today’s agents and brokers face an unprecedented amount of pressure to stand out against their colleagues and the online real estate giants of the world; she also knows that the security to build and maintain solid client relationships starts with one step: Just SayHi. Through a systemized process to identify and define your value prop, Leigh gives real estate agents the confidence and education to reach greater heights and create a life and career they feel good about.

Leigh’s messages are bold, powerful, and full of a contagious energy that breaks through barriers and skyrockets your organization towards success.

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