Freddie Mac Deep Dive Series Pt. 2

Episode 25 June 23, 2022 00:10:31
Freddie Mac Deep Dive Series Pt. 2
Lending Forward
Freddie Mac Deep Dive Series Pt. 2

Jun 23 2022 | 00:10:31


Show Notes

I’m so happy to welcome back Mia Jones, Affordable Lending Manager at Freddie Mac.  As Mia tells it, she is the “number one cheerleader for Freddie Mac” because she herself was able to become a homeowner using Freddie Mac. Mia is going to talk to our listeners about some of the digital tools that Freddie Mac is using to make processes really easy for everyone involved in the home buying process through their programs. We’ll talk about tools including the Loan Product Advisor (LPA), the AIM tool (Asset and Income Modeler) and the ACE (Automated Collateral Evaluation).

As a real estate professional, are you doing all you can to help potential homeowners from underserved communities get into their dream homes?  Freddie Mac’s educational and affordable loan programs may be the answer.

Freddie Mac was chartered in 1970 to help keep the economy stable and expand access to housing. They have created accessible education that helps potential homeowners understand credit and how to manage their money in order to buy a home. Over five decades, Freddie Mac has provided more than $11.6 trillion to make homeownership possible for more than 80 million owners and renters.

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